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  • Who Are The Online Courses For?
    We are building a comprehensive catalogue of courses to suit all stages of a photographers journey from amateur to professional. Being able to offer foundation courses that simplify all of the important fundamentals we are then building specialist courses that demonstrate a variety of advanced techniques that you can pick and choose from.
  • Where Are Workshops Held?
    Most often held at The Musselwhite Photography Studio in Portsmouth - Hampshire in the UK. We can organise workshops elsewhere if you have a group of delegates and location in mind just get in touch with us - always happy to hear suggestions for more ways to work with wonderful photographers in the UK and abroad.
  • Where is One 2 One training held?
    This very much depends on you - some newer photographers will prefer to utilise the studio in Portsmouth as it is fully equipped and those starting out may prefer the one 2 one to include understanding of equipment they do not yet own. Some established photographers prefer for James to visit their studio, helping them utilise their existing equipment and space and expanding their learning in their own environment. The beauty of one 2 one's are that they are built uniquely around you, and where you are on your journey.
  • Is the YouTube Content the same as the online courses?
    The YouTube channel content is really varied and a great insight to many photography based questions you may have. It tends to be higher energy and faster paced, which is a wonderful way to absorb information and expand your learning with ideas and inspiration. The online courses are designed specifically to help slow everything down, and provide understanding of all aspects from lingo and terminology to practical advice on how to shoot in a more step by step format that is easy to follow. The two approaches are quite different. We would recommend using both platforms to have a fully rounded appreciation of lighting and photography.
  • I can't see the next workshop dates listed, where are they?
    As we add dates throughout the calendar this will change regularly as dates are released. We will release new dates to those that subscribe to us, so be sure to sign up and be first in line, sometimes when a date is full we will open a second date close by to a waiting list so make sure you register interest to be kept in the loop.
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